Online Casinos For Blackjack

Online Casinos For Blackjack

As a novice gambler you may find that online casinos provide you with the fairest games when you compare all the differences between online and land-based casinos. This may be true in some cases, but both types of casinos have been known to alter their rules to allow the casino to maintain a larger advantage over the player. This is clearly seen with blackjack where the land-based casinos tightened the rules years ago and they have never relaxed them.

Blackjack online and in casinos is subject to runs, both hot and cold. This can be influenced by many things, but in online casinos it is not the dealer. Dealers in land-based casinos are real people that you can see and interact with, while the dealers for popular online casinos are often computer generated and use random generators to determine the cards dealt. This does not stop things from going hot or cold though and you need to know when to stay or go.

HItting a hot streak in a land based casino isnot without its own set of problems though. As you adjust your bet to take advantage fo the run the casino is likely increasing their presence around you to try and prevent card counting and other tactics, not to mention the throngs of onlookers who will probably be checking out the latest happenings at your table. Just keep in mind that runs will nto last forever and you need to be ready to get out when the time is over.

Land based casinos have gone a step further in trying to eliminate the players ability to take advantage off the casino. One of the main methods was the introduction of the shufflemaster automated shuffler and the increase in the size of shoes. Shoes referring to the number of decks of cards in play. The shufflemaster ensures that the player and casino are at equal odds in regards to the draw of the cards.

Online casinos have allowed gamblers one major advantage when it comes to playing. The ability to shop for the best venue to play in. This is a combination of the interface that you like the most coupled with the other benefits that the casino has to offer in terms of deposit bonuses and promotions which can make your money go much farther.

As a blackjack player the choice is yours as to which venue you choose, be it online or land based casinos. Just remember that the same principles apply to each, you just have to ensure that you are aware of the things happening while you play to maximize your chances at winning.